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Summer, Festival, Stress, Fun - Mirakolix!

Posted on July 10 2014 by Centrul De Jocuri Mirakolix

We are really getting into movement to make our Festival “Ceva de Vară” a great success! For us volunteers it is a busy but also funny time where we can learn again a lot of things! We try to promote the Festival as good as possible with playing afternoons in the parks of Brasov, but it was either rain or strong wind that stopped us somehow to make all our activities. Besides this bad luck for the weather (and we are sure that it will be great weather for “Ceva de vară”!), we are really optimistic for this Festival. We are working on getting as many sponsors as possible for the Festival, we are planning the schedule, coordinating the workshops and volunteers, trying to get resources as cheap as possible. For must of us it is a completely new experience to organise a Festival like this and the fact that it is in a foreign country doesn´t make it easier, but we wanted this challenge, we took it and we have great local volunteers from Brasov and Întorsura Buzăului that are helping us with preparation a lot and with the workshops and coordination during the Festival.

Vara este aici guys! Now we can really start feeling it, rain stopped almost, it is hot, people are wearing summer clothes and the mood and our motivation is better and higher!

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