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Spakak pescjo

Posted on October 24 2014 by Centrul De Jocuri Mirakolix

No, I am not in Russia. Nevertheless, it is not very far from the country I actually am right now. Being in Romania, in beautiful Braşov, provides me with the above mentioned Russian look-a-like words.

10 octombrie 2014.

The purpose of that evening was formally to celebrate the non-formal education day and informally to welcome the coordinators of Mirakolix, their friends, and twelve new EVS-volunteers to the beautiful birou. This warm and naturally decorated office welcomed the visitors with tasty drinks and bites. Our preparations quickly resulted in a cosy evening.

A hilarious round of different activity and getting-to-know-each-other games gave us insight in our personal interests. It is always good to know when someone likes to peace or to piss on top of the mountain, or even both. We continued with spakak pescjo. For the curious readers: neither is it a Russian polka song when you had enough vodka. It is a mixture of games representing the volunteers’ home countries: spijkerpoepen (The Netherlands), akmentiņ lec laukā (Latvia), akla višta (Lithuania), petanque (France), sćalone (Italy), and joc de mirall (Spain). Only a German game was missing, but they – smartly and proudly – decided to represent their country in the food: a German flag of black grapes, red apples, and yellow pepper slices.

We concluded the evening with playing several board games, laughing, talking, drinking, and even more laughing. It became dark outside but spakak pescjo remained in our heads, representing our different backgrounds, habits, and languages mixed up all together.

For sure.

Spakak pescjo
Spakak pescjo
Spakak pescjo
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