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Muzică este ceva de vară !

Posted on July 10 2014 by Centrul De Jocuri Mirakolix

Hey...what is a festival without music? Not a festival, definitely. That's why for the upcoming Mirakolix festival: "Ceva de Vară", a stage will host during the all evening several artistic performances such as dances, theatre, jugglery and music !
As the musician volunteer, always to touch everything sound-related, I got in charge of the organization of this moment.

First of all the goal of the festival is to be open to everyone and following this idea, I thought about an Open-stage that will be the starting point of the evening. Everybody can express themselves through every kind of art they want to show. Already a lot applied...

Then, we focused on some local bands from the town where the festival will take place, Întorsura Buzăului and that became kind of famous in the region, even in the all country.

FRESH: Founded in 2012 with the help of the music teacher Dan Tohanean, Fresh is a bench of friends almost all studying at the Liceul Mircea Eliade. In collaboration with the Clubul Copiilor of Întorsura Buzăului, they could establish their project of covers with really nice arrangement. I felt them really fitting into the Line Up and people from the town already told me about them so they will open the concert session on the 19th of July !

YOUVENIS: From the same place, Clubul Copiilor of Întorsura Buzăului grew another formation, still encouraged by Dan Tohanean that starting to play some folk-pop in 2007.
After discovering Jazz Rock and mostly blues music, the group tended to compose toward those last influences. In february 2013, the ban won the first price of the year revelation at the Student Jazz Festival of Sibiu. It was the starting point of few other prices at the Fresh Jazz festival in Bucharest and at the International Jazz Festival Jhony Raducanu in Braila. Beside this, the band is performing all over Romania in different bars or clubs and was participating at the Jazz in Cluj Festival. I liked their music, it's kind of original and the compositions are nice. I'm sure those Jazzy young guys will put the stage on fire, at their home even more!

Between those two bands, a Musical Jugglery is planned. Me, and collaboration with another french guy will provide a bit of visual and audio poetry...

Also following this idea of musical freedom, a small Jam session will take place, with guitars and musicians that just wanna try to accord, listen and respect each other through some music pieces. Other EVS people should come as well to bring even more of diversity in this festival...

Finally, I will take the last part of the musical evening in charge, as Alizarina, in a project called "Clarinettomix" already presented in a bar in Brasov several times. Mixing Balkan music with electronic and a little bit of french touch, I'll try to make the people dance on a big variety of sounds, influences and personal compositions!

After that, night joining the party with her clear sky, a mystical star-gazing will be waiting for you... Shhhh....

Pfiou, kind of long monolog dear friends, I let you go!

Hope to see you there, it's gonna be an amazing day, and keep some energy to move your feet under a sunset full of good music!

And don't forget... Keep'n MoOoving !

Alizarina (Simon)

Line up of the festival !

Line up of the festival !

FRESH 19.00 - 19.45 @ Ceva de Vară Festival !

YOUVENIS 20.45 - 21.30 @ Ceva de Vară Festival !

Alizarina 22.30 - 23.15 (closing set) @ Ceva de Vară Festival !

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